Georgetown is the county seat of Williamson County with a population of 86,507 according to the 2022 U.S. Census population estimates. Georgetown is located 26 miles north of Austin's central business district. The city has an area of 54.3 square miles, of which 52.1 square miles is land and 2.3 square miles is covered by water.





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The Georgetown Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is committed to fostering a lifestyle of preparedness and championing resiliency in the face of major emergencies or disasters. OEM facilitates collaboration and coordination across the whole community before, during and after a major emergency or disaster and encourages community preparedness.

Georgetown uses the Capital Area Council of Governments’s (CAPCOG) Regional Notification System to notify residents about specific emergencies. Cellphone users must register their phones with to receive emergency messages by phone, email and/or text. Georgetown will post emergency information on the city’s website and social media outlets at the below links.

If you require emergency assistance, call 911. Do not post emergency requests or send emergency messages to social media accounts. 

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