Blanco County

Blanco County is located in south central Texas and has an estimated population of 11,305 as of 2016. The County is made up of 2 municipal jurisdictions. Johnson City is the County seat.

Blanco County Municipal Jurisdictions/Cities

Johnson City

Blanco County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) provides for the safety of Blanco County residents through emergency preparedness and response. OEM serves as the coordinating point for disaster preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery capabilities for Blanco County in cooperation with the County’s municipal governments and special district, non-profit and volunteer first response organizations. Blanco County uses the CAPCOG Regional Notification System to notify residents about specific emergencies. Cell phone users must register their phones at to receive those messages by phone, email and/or text. Countywide major emergency information is posted on Blanco County Office of Emergency Management Facebook page, Residents who need emergency assistance should call 911 and should not post requests to County social media accounts.